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  • CCW Helpline / 
    Sept. NCCW Connect 

    By Rosi Schumacher,
    Past NCCW Province Director

    Is your CCW sinking?

    Some signs of a failing affiliation, deanery, or parish CCW are:

    • No one wants to take a leadership position
    • The same few women do the same jobs year after year
    • The same events are held and they are done exactly the same way
    • There are no younger women involved
    • Your programs are boring
    • New members just sit and listen and then suddenly disappear

    "CCW HELPLINE" is a new initiative to help all levels of Council from the affiliation to the province. If you need help because of failing membership, lack of leadership or just ideas to advertise and promote your Council, we are here to help you, regardless how small your need or how small your size. The first step is easy, just email Rosi Schuhmacher at ccwrose@gmail.com or call 386-672-5326 and she will connect you with a seasoned leader to help you. No one person knows everything or can fix everything, but working together we can make a difference.